AL and AL



AL and AL investigate the shaping forces of fantasy and reality. They began working together at St. Martins art school in 1999. In 2001 they were awarded an ACME residency transforming a warehouse in East London into a blue screen special effects film studio. AL and AL became pioneering artist filmmakers combining live action performance with computer generated 3D environments to create dream worlds in film.

The artists have created an award winning body of work commissioned by Film London, Animate Projects, Channel 4, Culture Company, MuHKA, World Science Festival and the Royal Society, exhibiting internationally in over 50 countries in galleries, site specific installations, film festivals and on television. Their critically acclaimed solo exhibition at the FACT gallery for the European Capital of Culture toured to the National Art Museum of China. In 2009 during a Metal residency AL and AL curated exhibitions at Edge Hill station and MuHKA and were awarded the Liverpool Art Prize. In 2010 AL and AL collaborated with composer Philip Glass and physicist Brian Greene on Icarus at the Edge of Time. The premiere was introduced by Stephen Hawking at the World Science Festival in New York and performed with a live orchestra.


Icarus at the Edge of Time, 2010 (Collaboration with Philip Glass & Brian Greene)
I killed thousands of people last night and these are all the weapons I used 3D,
2009 (Anaglyph Avatar series)
Pink Triangles 3D, 2009 (Anaglyph Avatar series)
Square Eyes 3D, 2009 (Anaglyph Avatar series)
Chrome Home 3D, 2009 (Anaglyph Avatar series)
Eternal Youth, 2008
Interstellar Stella, 2006
Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey, 2004
The Ten Commandments, 2003 (Blue Screen Re-Mattes series)
The Thief of Baghdad, 2003 (Blue Screen Re-Mattes series)
Hard Drive A ;), 2003
Pre-Cast, 2003
Fore-Cast, 2002
Wedding Video, 2001
Home Theatre, 2001
Good Vibrations, 2000
To Be Rendered, 2000


Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey:
Winner, Centre of Attention Art Prize, 2005.