Metaphysical (1a)

Included in Parts & Labour, the second Animate OPEN, online from 1 April to 30 May 2016 only.

Metaphysical 1a & 1b are the first in a series of artworks to explore the potential - and implications - of CGI software’s ability to produce metaphysical realities - impossible physics, contrary to the physics we experience in the real world. In both artworks the viewer’s expectations of the everyday physics on display (objects + environments) are at first ‘met’, but then, increasingly undermined, as challenging, alien and unorthodox physics proceed to take over.

The artworks are part of Fenwick’s ongoing RND# (Random Number) project, first launched in 2000, a series that comprises 100 films (RND#00-99) that investigate our complex and intricate relationship with both science & technology.