Interview with Atsushi Wada

We interviewed Atsushi Wada on the production of his film Anomalies.

Anomalies is one of the ten films produced by Animate Projects for Channel 4's Random Acts.


What inspired your Random Acts film?

Some books written by Hiroshi Aramata, a natural history researcher. He taught me what people have considered to be the monster.

How did you breathe life into the idea?

I always use propelling pencil and draw in a fine line, as by using this type of pencil I am unable to draw bold lines. I hate crayons, Conte and even pencils without a sharp point. And I use moderate and light colours in every scene, so that no one colour is too prominent.

During the making process did your film change much from the initial idea? Were there any surprises?

It was difficult for me to decide how the monster should act when it appears. In the end I made up my mind, and now the monster's actions differ from the initial idea.

How did you collaborate with other people on making the film?

I didn't use music much in my past films, but had pop music composed for this film.

What motivated you to work with animation in your artistic practice in the first place?

An impulse to want to create situations that bring me enjoyment.