Interview with Elizabeth Hobbs

We interviewed Elizabeth Hobbs on the production of her film Imperial Provisor Frombald.

Imperial Provisor Frombald is one of the ten films produced by Animate Projects for Channel 4's Random Acts.


What inspired your Random Acts film?

Imperial Provisor's report on his visit to Kisilova in Serbia in 1725. It exists in the Austrian archives.

How did you breathe life into the idea?

I carved tiny rubber stamps and printed them directly onto 35mm film.

During the making process did your film change much from the initial idea? Were there any surprises?

The film didn't change much from the initial idea. The film is shorter than I had planned, so I had to edit out his wife.

How did you collaborate with other people on making the film?

I collaborated with Fonic on the sound design, and Bradley Miles on the musical score.

What motivated you to work with animation in your artistic practice in the first place?

I really like telling stories that haven't been told, and in the cinema, you can be very specific about delivering the story. I also love drawing and making marks, so for me, it comes together as an animated film.