Interview with Motomichi Nakamura

We interviewed Motomichi Nakamura on the production of his film True Giant.

True Giant is one of the ten films produced by Animate Projects for Channel 4's Random Acts. These films were produced in 2013 and premiered on Channel 4 in August 2013.


What inspired your Random Acts film?

Cryptozoological monsters.

How did you breathe life into the idea?

I used multiple layers of movie clips for the monsters' eye movements to give a subtle feeling.

During the making process did your film change much from the initial idea? Were there any surprises?

I changed the monsters' eyes many times until it got to where I was comfortable with.

How did you collaborate with other people on making the film?

Dead Fader did the music for me. After telling him what kind of film I was making, he sent me several samples of his work. I immediately liked one of the samples for the film, and used it in the final piece.

With my production artists I explained what kind of atmosphere I was trying to create; I told them my favourite stories about cryptozoological monsters such as the Water Horse, Mongolian Death Worm and Umibozu.

What motivated you to work with animation in your artistic practice in the first place?

I like animation because it has the capacity to really create the atmosphere that you want to create.