Essays 2007-09



'Shudder: the moment of uncanny recognition – that stick there, perhaps it has a world for itself too, as it climbs that ladder.'

'The confessional is a personal therapeutic solution to one man’s grief, but the concerns are of a global political nature.'

'Kötting shows people on the beach, seeking clues. Like the other films, there is a preoccupation with the past, blending new and archive

'Throughout the chronology of Computer Baroque, we are seeing ever increasing graphical computing power transferred into the hands of individuals.'

'Artists wanted to push the computer as far as it would go, creating visual transformations that defied previous traditions.'

'Jeffery and the Dinosaurs is a subtle film that achieves an unexpected lucidity and insight, provoking both wonder and an element of heartbreak.'

'Tear Drops Blossom is about the end of things and the beginning of things; the cyclical yet fragile uncertainty of human existence and creativity.'

'The Black Dog’s Progress is an urban nightmare, full of true-to-life observations, and hard-hitting depictions of sex and violence.'

'It is a celebration, but at the same time, a memoir of a formerly abundant birdlife, which seems to be in swift decline.'

'Cobra Mist is a contemplative zone of the unknown.
This is Land-escape-art.'

'Without You can be read in a number of ways – as a pure visual design essay, a critique on modernism, as a lament for the pastoral.'

'Buerkner’s situations have a magical, dreamlike quality to them that seriously challenge our understanding of any space or time continuum.'

'The results of Barford’s interventions are grotesque but distinctly modern – the characters’ cuteness ends up unsettling and sometimes a bit rude.'

'Mark Simon Hewis’s film takes a fairground ride and turns it into a human zoetrope.'

'Google Earth is the realisation of a fantasy of, as the narration to Flat Earth, puts it, "the age old dream; to look down from above."'

'In Magnetic Movie, Semiconductor have taken the magnificent scientific visualisations of the sun and solar winds and Semiconducted them.'

'As much as the focus of interest is the boy as psychologised subject, it is also the practice of animation itself.'

'Andy Martin and his collaborators demonstrate what can happen when you add narrative drive and filmic intent to animation.'

'Happy the heart who like Hafez is drunk with the wine of creation.'

'As images move from black and white into colour, the building’s skeleton becomes the locus of memorialisation as well as a memorial itself.'