Jeffery and the Dinosaurs

A short documentary about a man whose struggle to overcome daily obstacles has produced an astonishing universe of outsider science fiction.


A film by Christoph Steger
Animation based on stories and drawings by Jeffery H Marzi
Additional Script and Editing: Tony Fish
Additional Animation: Meghana Bisineer
Music: Vasco Hexel
Sound Effects: Matt Cooper
Producer Yasmeen Ismail


A short documentary about the creative vision of an outsider.

A short documentary about a man whose struggle to overcome daily obstacles has produced an astonishing universe of outsider science fiction.

Born with brain damage, Jeffery’s life is full of struggles. As an adult, he worries about becoming homeless because he cannot find proper employment.
As a way to overcome his existential fears he dreams of becoming famous for his science fiction stories. For the past 15 years he has been working on his 'Radon the Pterodactyloid Man' trilogy.
This film explores Jeffery’s world through a mix of documentary footage and animated sequences of his artwork and stories.

Technical information

The majority of the footage was shot over a period of three months at Jeffery’s home in Pennsylvania. On returning to the UK, I produced hand-drawn animated sequences based on Jeffery’s original artwork and stories. I also incorporated some scenes from the Marzi family’s Super 8 home movies.


Jeffery Marzi (*1965) was diagnosed with mild brain damage at birth. He was educated at a Special Education School for some years and then privately tutored at home. He did not get a high school diploma. At 18, he applied to the US Army but was rejected. He wanted to join to be trained as a mechanic. He tried finding employment as a repairman for the following seven years. He could not hold a job longer than a week.

In 1993 he saw the movie Jurassic Park, which inspired him to create his own science fiction tales. He has written and illustrated four major stories since then. He hopes to find a Hollywood producer who will turn his ideas into major blockbusters.

He lives with his parents in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

Update April 2008

Having returned from the shoot in the United States, I am currently editing the live action material. I have over 9 hours of video and film footage to work with.

The three months of production in America were very intense; I spent about two days per week conducting interviews and accompanying Jeffery on his daily routines. The Marzis are lovely and welcoming people; we developed a trusting relationship. I am very grateful for the access they gave me to their home and their lives.

Jeffery has recently finished his fourth story, the final part of the 'Radon the Pterodactyloid Man Trilogy' trilogy, called 'Alien Dinosaur Planet'. He is excited to appear on British television and hopes that my film will lead him to a 'real' producer.

Christoph Steger