'Now it is clearer that our blind pleasure in digital technology has a price...'

‘It is through returning to past histories that pulls the past into the present and begins a new conversation.’

'This is something you catch sight of in the street out of the corner of your eye, rather than something to plonk the kids down in front of.'

'‘Over there’ the landscape has become a laboratory of material, labour and money, uncontaminated by the problematics of human interaction.'

'As the world has less and less corners for unknown creatures to hide, animation is one of the most prominent modes to keep monstrosity going.'

'Something different is on offer in the lived experience of a medley whose complexity ends up clamouring for space in one’s mind and memory.'

'Counter-memory designates a practice of memory formation that is social and political, one that runs counter to the society of the spectacle.'

'We are made to browse through human experience, or rather the public forms of communication and human expression that dominate the web.'

‘In a wilderness, paths between planted trees led to clearings or forest ‘rooms’. These shaded areas offered the possibility of some privacy.’

'We know the film wants us to feel ourselves as if we were inside the runner’s head, and we do, yet every now and then we have another possibility.'

'Blandy’s project represents an ongoing attempt to comprehend the way in which self is formed by the prevailing mass culture.'

'There is a threshold or liminal space, which must be crossed, where one world blends into another by degrees.'

'The simplest and most complex dance pieces or animated works have been created from a careful and thoroughly rehearsed set of signs and signifiers.'

'The ambition to animate the emergent - the player action and consequences of it, are uniquely of the videogame and extraordinarily ambitious tasks.'

'Palestine: cartography, memory, imagery. Some notes.'

'The ways in which we see birds, render them in texts and images, are all subject to quite specific interactions that are rooted in history.'

'Dreams - the subconscious and 'what if?'s - are fertile ground for the animator.'

'Both films juxtapose the fairytale and documentary form.'

'As in many of Ashton’s works, a gentle humour tinged with pathos pervades this animation.'

'A work set in a future that is visually constituted by contemporary footage modelled after the look of a 1970s idiom.'

'The film is a collage of daydreams that appears to display the lack of overarching logic inherent to all things oneiric.'

'The early days of time-lapse conjures up images from biological observation of plants growing and humming birds flapping their wings.'

'It could be argued that a change has occurred, where narrative fiction no longer has the power to disguise the spectral nature of cinematic time.'

'The imagery is graphic, crude and degraded, and the sound distorted: it matches the subject matter.'

'Finding the Telepathic Cinema of Manchuria raises an interesting question about the resonant impact of nostalgia on information.'

'When accompanied by Tweed's insistent narratives, formerly banal images are cast in apocalyptic light.'

'National symbols are, supposedly, assertions of individuality. Yet there is an odd generality in these choices of animal.'

“[Craft] exists as a form of personal responsibility, unintimidated by institutions, corporations, or science.” Malcolm McCullough (1)

‘Reality precedes the voice that seeks it, but as the earth precedes the tree, but as the world precedes the human, but as the sea precedes the