A selection of testimonials from artists that we have worked with.


Animate Projects is one of the most important organisations in contemporary media culture. A model for creativity and education. - Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Animate Projects is leading an emerging field - opening up new, important dialogues, providing a platform for appraisal and discussion, and inspiring and challenging future artists and possibilities. - Semiconductor

I was commissioned by Animate at a critical stage in my artistic development and with their support I was able to explore and develop a visual language that still underpins much of my work. - Andrew Kötting

Animate Projects is a vital and unique part of the British contemporary art canon, with a high impact relative to its modest size both nationally and internationally. The online presence of our Animate Projects commission alone has led to our work to be staged in exhibitions in Holland, China, US, Croatia and Germany, and has allowed us to build other exhibition opportunities elsewhere. - Thomson & Craighead

Animate has been absolutely key in my development as an animation director. It allowed the kind of experimentation nigh on impossible in the commercial field, and in doing so, helped to develop approaches and techniques which I could then apply to all areas of my work. - Run Wrake

Animate Projects provided the kind of support I always long for as an artist - they trusted the project, provided technical and professional support, commissioned a really useful text, and were critically and creatively expansive. They enabled the project to happen and to be seen and were a delight to work with - Melanie Jackson

Animate were excellent to work with, supportive, professional and encouraging radical ideas from their artists about art making and its delivery to audiences. - Jordan Baseman

Animate Projects is a strong advocate for the experimental animation community, giving us a voice as well as a place to meet and exchange views. - Samantha Moore

I cannot emphasis enough the importance of the Animate Projects exhibition platform. It lets artists like myself connect and engage with a much wider audience. For my work to have a digital presence and reach its potential audience, the role of the online curator has never been more important. - Sean Vicary

Animate Projects offered me the right mix of support and encouragement with great freedom for creative experimentation. The online screening of the work allows for a far wider audience to be reached, and the site offers opportunities for critical analysis and commentary on the work produced. - Katerina Athanasopoulou

The dialogue with both Camden Arts Centre and Animate Projects on my residency was very fruitful; both parties were very supportive and fully engaged in the development and creation of the commissioned project. I feel the resulting film has been beneficial for the development of my own practice as an artist/filmmaker and also for the development of my career. – Jani Ruscica

Animate Projects has established a thriving community of practice - a new space for us to engage with ideas about the animated moving image, experimentation, innovation, and meaning - whether we are artists, filmmakers, academics or audiences. - Kayla Parker

Animate Projects is unafraid to support work that seeks to advance moving image practice and are a world apart from arts organisations that rarely take risks and only support established artists or filmmakers. As an artist existing 'on the margins' of the London film and art worlds, I cannot overestimate the importance of such an organisation. - Let Me Feel your Finger First