Marina (2D)

3D viewing

This film is also available to watch in 3D in the related links section. You will need to wear a pair of red+cyan glasses when viewing the 3D version.


Shot and edited by Brian McClave and Gavin Peacock
Produced by Site-Eye Time-Lapse Films
Soundtracks by Ian Helliwell

Technical information

Original films are hi-def, full colour, stereoscopic video. Online versions can be viewed in full-colour (above) or red+cyan anaglyph (3D, wear red+cyan glasses).


Sound track produced by Ian Helliwell.

A self-taught multi-media artist, Ian Helliwell has no academic background but many years of audio-visual experience working in film, animation, music, analogue electronics, instrument building, collage, light show projection, live performance and film programming.

He has made over 60 short experimental films screened worldwide, featuring electronic soundtracks with tone generators and synthesizers which he has designed and built. He has a long held interest in abstract film and early electronic and tape music, researching and collecting material for his radio/podcast series The Tone Generation themed programmes featuring vintage electronic recordings. He is currently making his first feature length documentary film on the work of early British electronic music maker, FC Judd.

The works shown here are part of an ongoing series that have previously been screened at the Soundwaves Festival, Brighton, and at The Regency Town House, Hove, as part of White Night Brighton 2010.