Stanmer (2D)

3D viewing

This film is also available to watch in 3D in the related links section. You will need to wear a pair of red+cyan glasses when viewing the 3D version.


Shot and edited by Brian McClave and Gavin Peacock
Produced by Site-Eye Time-Lapse Films
Soundtrack by Grow Claws

Technical information

Original films are hi-def, full colour, stereoscopic video. Online versions can be viewed in full-colour (above) or red+cyan anaglyph (3D, wear red+cyan glasses).


The soundtrack was produced by Grow Claws.

Grow Claws were Jez Berns (lead vocals and bass) Esther Springett (keyboards, woodwind), Chris Griffin (guitars, keyboards), Alex Painter (woodwind, guitars) and Rob Ling (drums).

The band built slowly, from August 2006. A self-released EP and successful support slots between with the likes of The Fiery Furnaces, Amanda Palmer, Wild Beasts and The Noisettes followed. It eventually dispersed into 5 different, and very exciting individual projects after a triupmhant final show in October 2010.

"Take something from your childhood – something that you’re steeped in, culturally speaking – and immerse yourself in it, and then utterly subvert it. So, if you’re a north London Jewish kid, maybe the ebullient klezmer and the mournful synagogue music that soundtracked your coming-of-age, mixed with the Brechtian musicals and Hot Club jazz that your parents loved. Add the expressionist noises that back-dropped the pratfalls of your favourite silent comics. Season with the wise-ass post-punk pop of Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow and The Waitresses. And then wonder how you might adapt all that to the satire and technical virtuosity of… 10cc.

Grow Claws music is like a constant jump-cut between conflict and resolution; bickering and agreement; nervous tension and ecstatic release. The music laughs, like kids at a circus. But the people who play it are deadly serious – a study in casual intensity." - Garry Mulholland, February 2010.

The works shown here are part of an ongoing series that have previously been screened at the Soundwaves Festival, Brighton, and at The Regency Town House, Hove, as part of White Night Brighton 2010.